These times that we are living in are certainly surreal and we all need to find different ways to relax, unwind and balance out after a difficult day or if you haven’t been feeling your best for a while. There can be many burdens in life whether that be poor health, of financial hardship, a stressful job, a broken relationship, or the suffering of being in lockdown. Our lives can be so fast-paced and often we do not stop to breathe, take a break, or reflect on life to focus on ourselves a little. We can face many uphill battles, feel like a failure when we do not succeed, and being rejected by someone or something can be such a painful experience. We can often forget and neglect our own well-being and never make time to re-charge ourselves and the stresses of life can manifest into different and many symptoms. On top of this, people don’t know how to break these cycles or know the right ways to heal. They often self-medicate with alcohol, cigarettes and even use drugs or think that playing computer games or eating junk food is a good way to fill the void that needs healing. Most people in the world operate from their reptilian part of the brain and are in constant flight/fight creating even more stress in the body with constant negative thought patterns. When we stay in this part of the brain it is going to be extremely difficult to find the solutions to resolve these problems. However, there are many solutions and one I am going to discuss in this blog.

What is Shinrin-Yoku?

Shinrin-YokuIf you have not heard of it before, allow me to introduce you to Shinrin-Yoku. This term first emerged in Japan in the 1980s but has been practiced for thousands of years. The words “Shinrin-Yoku” translated into English is forest bathing and is one of, if not, the most therapeutic practices anyone can use to help balance and calm their mind, body and spirit. Take the time out for a relaxed walk through a forest, let yourself be open to mother nature and allow her to breathe her life into you. Allow yourself to feel that part of you returning home because I guarantee that you will literally feel a huge weight lifted of your shoulders. Give that weight to mother nature and in return she will give the blessings and healing that you need.

Scientists have proved that the frequency within you changes and increases especially in your brain as you start to re-connect yourself with nature. Let your stresses melt away, your depression fade, and allow the power surrounding forest boost your immune system. Every blood cell in your body will start healing and will be cleansed with the life force energy that is within all things. Let the magic of forest bathing improve your sleep, reduce blood pressure, raise your vibration, and balance every aspect of your being. Although mother nature is everywhere her presence in the forest truly is remarkable. There is nothing quite like the feeling of camping in the forest, collecting wood and making a fire. I have slept in a hammock deep in the forest and whilst looking up into the skies, hearing all kinds of animals around me but the presence of mother nature at that moment is colossal.

Do you feel a strong connection to mother nature?

I have a deep connection with mother nature and I am always in awe of her beauty and presence. She is everywhere and can heal us in the most profound ways and I find she is the most important relationship I have in my life. I have a deep respect and love for her that words cannot express. It’s not meant to be expressed in words, but it is meant to be felt in your mind, throughout your body, your heart, spirit, soul and every part of you. Being with nature is my natural medicine. There is no separation from nature as such but sadly most people in society do not realise, they have disassociated themselves from her. Without nature nothing can be born, created, sustained, can last or return to death. She is the cycle of everything, and I thank her everyday for the healings and blessings she has given me and to the world.

I am not saying nature can fix all of our problems, but we can work through them with her. It’s up to us to find the root causes of our illnesses and of our stresses as we are on a spiritual journey. They are our spiritual lessons and my website can give you the tools to help and guide you. Often to find the root causes of our stresses we can seek out a counsellor or therapist of some sort to help us get to these underlying issues. I can say with confidence that the main reason why people suffer or often feel their lives are out of control is because they do not consciously stop to realise, they are not connecting with nature properly. It’s a symbiotic relationship but sadly people can be completely out of sync with nature and that is why we can often look for things outside of ourselves for a quick fix, but we must realise our power lies within. Sometimes it can be a battle of consciousness as we can be heavily distracted from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and we forget that all our answers lie inside of us. Although nature is all around us as we perceive it, we can often think that the physical world is separate from us, but the truth is what we see outside of us really comes from inside of us. We are all creators wherever we are in the universe and whatever dimension we are in.

With the use of forest bathing (Shinrin-Yoku),  you are re-setting your mind, body and soul. You are remembering your connection to nature on a conscious level. It truly is like an awakening as you seek for more comfort, clarity, balance, power, vitality, and it is all freely given by nature to empower us once again. Feel at one with her presence and she will already know what you need to heal. Allow her to give you the answers to all your questions. She will guide and lead you to the next step of your spiritual journey.

Even just watching videos of Shinrin-Yoku can be very calming. Check out the short introduction video below and be sure to subscribe to the channel:

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What is Lion’s Mane mushroom?

The Lion’s Mane mushroom, or its scientific name Hericium Erinaceus, is one of my favourite mushrooms that belongs to the tooth fungus group. It looks different compared to other medicinal mushrooms, is most certainly unique in its benefits, and has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine as a potent cognitive enhancer. In China they call it “Hou Tou Gu” and in Japan it’s known as “Yamabushitake.”

You can find Lion’s Mane often in the autumn throughout North America usually on dead and decaying hardwood logs, on maple, birch beech, oak trees and they usually stand out so well that you cannot miss them with their wispy, thin, snowball-like formation with elongated teeth. They look exactly as the name suggests – resembling of a white Lion’s Mane. There are 3 species of Hericium, which are Hercium Erinaceus, Hericium Americanum, and Hericium Coralloides, all can be found in eastern North America.

The particular one I buy is Hericium Erinaceus and the health benefits are limitless. It gives a boost in cognitive function by initiating nerve growth and regeneration. It can reduce neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. When it comes to any disease the most important thing to remember is prevention. Stopping, for example, the consumption of fluoride. Fluoride does not help teeth and can cause osteoporosis, cancer and brain disease. If it is allowed in rats poison then it should not be allowed in our water supply, toothpaste and in pharmaceutical drugs. I avoid tap and bottled water and I suggest looking into buying either a distiller, a reverse osmosis system or a kangen water system.

The negative impact of Fluoride:

Other benefits of Lion’s Mane mushroom

Other benefits are that it can relieve anxiety and depression, protect your heart and manage diabetes. It can also help with stomach problems and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. There have been many studies done on mice and rats to prove the health benefits of Lion’s Mane and more studies are being done. I am not an advocate on using animals for testing, however, the results do prove these benefits. More studies should be done on humans as it’s never guaranteed that animals will react in the same way as humans do. All animal testing should be stopped.

Lion’s Mane can also improve focus, concentration, is rich in antioxidants, to give an overall boost to the immune system and helps to fight certain cancers. It can come in many forms and you can buy them in capsules, powder extracts, dried or fresh. If you are cooking these mushrooms, you need to make sure they are cooked slowly and thoroughly all the way through. It has a similar taste to sea-like food, such as, lobster or shrimp. The most common way to take this mushroom is the traditional way, which is drinking it as a tea. I purchase mine from Na’vi Organics, which is based in England and it comes in a powder dual extract form – extraction with water and alcohol. You don’t have to drink it as a tea. You can simply put some in a smoothie by following the correct dosage on the instructions.

The book that I recommend is the Beginner’s Guide On Lion’s Mane Mushroom by Daniel Ross, PH.D, which also explains the best ways to grow these wonderful mushrooms yourself. There is also a list of Lion’s Mane mushroom food recipes in his book, however, for best health it is recommended to follow Dr Sebi’s non-hybrid alkaline electric organic vegan diet. I will list these books at the end of the article.

Mushrooms are an extremely important part of our diet and should be part of our daily meals, especially Lion’s Mane. I don’t claim to be a medical expert. However, I see nothing wrong with seeking out for natural medicine, being your own doctor and looking after your own health. My only job is to take care of myself and to raise awareness. The question I ask is, why is the current medical system not recommending Lion’s Mane to the world?

You can purchase the books here:

You can purchase Lion’s Mane mushroom here and claim a 10% discount. Just make sure you register and then make a purchase:

(1) Wild, Raw & Organic Health Promoting Foods, Supplements & Superfoods – Na’vi Organics

If you have read my article on health and the healing powers of fasting, then it’s a good time to start reading this one. After you have cleansed your body it’s important to finish the healing by using the alkaline herbs Dr Sebi recommends. Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years, especially in Chinese medicine, and they help to reverse disease in the body restoring it back to good health. We use the active ingredients made from plants, such as, the root, leaves or the flowers as each part has its own medicinal use and can be potent, so it’s important to follow the guidelines of where you buy them. Herbs can be taken in many forms such as fresh, dried or in capsules. My belief is, whatever the illness, nature has the remedy already. Lots of these remedies have been suppressed certainly in the last 100 years since the introduction of pharmaceuticals. There is no way any human can heal fully with these pharmaceutical drugs. They mask the symptoms, never getting to the root cause and create ‘side effects’ so that you require more drugs to cover those symptoms. People go around in circles and become customers to the current medical system for the rest of their lives not knowing there has always been a much easier and effective way to heal themselves. There are so many plant remedies available and each herb has its own healing properties for certain parts of the body and I can give some examples here.

Iron herbs are the best as iron is the spark of life and will power up the body. Be sure to follow the correct dose and dosage from the book that I will recommend at the end of this article.

Here are some examples of herbs and what they do

Blessed thistle is used for increase circulation, supporting heart and lung function, and helps cognitive function by delivery oxygen to the brain.

Blue vervain has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, and great for nervous disorders like stress, anxiety and restlessness.

Burdock root is one of my favourites. It is a blood cleanser, antioxidant, has anti-cancer properties, helps with skin conditions and is a liver tonic to restore the liver.

I find Cascara Sagrada is great to use at the last week of a fast. It’s basically is a natural laxative and will cleanse the colon by stimulation of the peristaltic action of the intestine. We cleanse this area because the intestinal walls can get blocked preventing the minerals to be absorbed by the body. A lot of people don’t cleanse the colon and therefore have ill health.

You can also purchase a combination of different herbs which will already have the correct dosage in them, for example, going to a local herbalist. The problem with a lot of herbalist these days is they are very mainstream and they sell a lot of hybrid herbs which are not natural for the body. We must follow Dr Sebi’s guide as he proved to cure thousands of patients with diseases with his non-hybrid alkaline electric plant-based diet and herbs. The more combinations that are used together with the correct dose and dosage, the more you will cleanse the body. You can purchase a herbal combination that can be used for calcification removal, or for pancreas and endocrine support, or gut and cell cleanser, brain and nerve support, or a simple cell energizer. These herbs that Dr Sebi used are not used by mainstream herbalists and so their patients never get the full healing that they require. It’s important to remember that these herbs will have more of an effect in your body every time you finish a fast as I explained in the health and the healing powers of fasting article. It can take years to fully cleansed the body after years or decades of drinking and eating the wrong foods but we must consistently cleanse our body throughout our lives as we are bombarded with poison daily due to pollution.

Listening to our bodies we can heal

We need to train ourselves to listen to the body. It will tell us when it’s time for another cleanse. Being healthy is hard work. The ancients used fasting and herbs for pure health and they understood the importance of it. You will not get the best medicine from your mainstream doctors and pharmaceutical companies. We must look after ourselves as it’s our responsibility. The alternative medicine was the original medicine and it really can be a battle in staying healthy with the temptations in every direction we walk.

Adding more organic fruit and vegetables into our daily diet is so important and cooking from fresh ingredients is what we need to be doing more and consuming less of the fast foods. Even better to grow our own food without the pesticides that are full of chemicals and lethal ingredients, such as glyphosate, which is a known carcinogen. We also need to grow food without synthetic fertilizers. The word we need to integrate more into our lives is natural.

After a good cleanse, as well as incorporating more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet, I recommend consuming Irish Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, and other seaweeds such as kelp. Irish sea moss has 92 minerals your body needs, taken with Bladderwrack and herbal teas like burdock root you will get the 102 minerals that is required. I also recommend adding different mushrooms to your diet such as Lion’s Mane, Turkey tale, Chicken of the Woods, Reishi, Chaga and Pearl Oyster mushrooms. These mushrooms all have such a beneficial impact on our health as they are our meat.

The books that I recommend are the Alkaline Plant Based Diet and the Alkaline Herbal Medicine by Aqiyl Aniys. A lot of his work is based on Dr Sebi’s health and nutritional guide. It has made such a difference to my life and I am here to provide a service by raising the awareness and passing on the knowledge that I have obtained to future generations. If we understand our bodies and our genetic make-up, look at the way we live our lives, and how our eating habits are, we realise that it’s all unnatural. The African genome has been determined to be the foundational genome of all homo sapiens or modern people. This is scientific fact. We come from Africa and it’s environment was perfect for the most natural foods and herbs to grow. The plants that grow there gives our body the perfect combination of nutrients to support our immune system so our bodies would never create diseases.  It is known as the Mother Land and with it’s predominant warm climate provided plant food year-round and kept us healthy until we spread out into the world.

It’s so important to understand where we come from and compare that to how we live today. We can learn by delving into our roots and understanding how our ancestors lived to honour them.

I wish only good health for people and I hope that people will find this article and the links provided beneficial and are able to apply the knowledge into their lives.

alkaline diet

You can watch the Dr Sebi interview by clicking on the link below:

[RNSH308] The Rock Newman Show ft Dr.Sebi – YouTube

What is Chaga mushroom?

Chaga mushroom or, also known as its scientific species name, Inonotus Obliquus is a superfood that has been used for thousands of years in the regions of Russia, Korea, Eastern and Northern Europe, Northern United States, and in many cultures around the world. Its medicinal use may have started from the native Russians and the Siberian Khanty people.

It’s a fungus that grows on hardwood trees in cold climates mainly on birch trees. The Siberians called it a “Gift from God” which is what it truly is once you learn more about its use as a medicinal herb. In China they called it “King of Herbs” or the “King of Plants” and in Japan it’s known as “Diamond of the Forest.”

Due to poor weather conditions such as storms, the branches of these trees get damaged or even they break off completely, but what happens next is absolutely astounding. Nature steps in and seals the wound by growing the Chaga mushroom on top of it for protection and now it will serve as an immune system for the tree.

Inonotus Obliquus has many active ingredients that we can use for countless medicinal benefits such as, for boosting the immune system, acting as an anti-inflammatory, and as an antioxidant. It has been known to be used as an anti-cancer treatment by researchers in Finland and Russia back in 1958. Ancient texts describe its use as a cancer treatment in traditional folk medicine books of Russia and Northern Europe.

What are the active ingredients in Chaga and how do they help our body?

The active ingredients Chaga has are chloride, copper, flavonoids, germanium, inotodiol, iron, lanosterol, manganese, superoxide dismutase (SOD), magnesium, melanin, natural phenols, phosphorous, phytonutrients, potassium, selenium, sodium, sterols, trametenolic acid, tripeptide, triterpenes, triterpenoids, vanilla acid, beta-carotene, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), ergosterol, vitamin K, zinc and we are still finding out even more.

Copper helps develop the central nervous system and helps with the function of the heart, circulatory system and is an anti-fungal and an anti-bacterial. Essential minerals such as iron are the spark of life that our bodies need helping to create the haemoglobin, which is the protein in the red blood cells that carries oxygen around the body. Melanin is a natural skin pigment that plays a role in the colour of your skin, hair, eyes and helps protect damaged cells from free radicals. Beta-carotene is a pre-cursor of vitamin A (retinol) and vitamin B1 (thiamine) and are both used for generating energy taken from the foods we eat, boosting the immune system, helping to prevent cancer and kidney disease. Thiamine can also help cognitive enhancement.

Enjoy a nice cup of Chaga mushroom…

Sit back, relax and enjoy a nice cup of Chaga. Its simple to make, refreshing and has like an earthy-like taste. You can buy in tablet form, as a powder, as pieces or from big chunks and simmering with good clean water such as spring or distilled. I never drink tap water because of the chemicals in it and it will certainly defeat the object by using Chaga for its health benefits.

Wild harvested Chaga is best and you can go foraging yourself if you live in the regions where it grows naturally. I do not recommend you buy it from a company that has grown it in strictly ‘controlled conditions’ as you may not get the best out of it. It’s always best foraged from its natural environment. If you do buy it from a company on the internet, then make sure it is organic. You can also buy the chaga mushroom that has already been extracted from hot water. You can also buy it dual extracted which is extracted from alcohol as well. They both have their benefits as each extraction method can extract different components from the mushroom. See what works best for you.

I purchase mine from and it comes from Estonia. You can also purchase it from Na’vi Organics which is in England or you can shop around yourself. People make their Chaga teas in different ways. Just use a way that suits you and do whatever you can to get the most use out of it. An example is, simply taking 1 teaspoon of Chaga powder, 1 and a half cup of good water and allow it to simmer between 20 minutes and 1 hour. It depends what company you buy it from as some have different instructions. For Chaga chunks you can allow it to simmer for up to 8 hours. Just keep in mind the longer the better with these chunks. However, if you do purchase it as dual extracted then this will save you time. I think it’s good to experiment and learn. You may even consider doing the alcohol extraction yourself to make a tincture.

chaga mushroom benefits

I always recommend to anyone to use their own due diligence by researching on their own whether that be about the health benefits of Chaga mushroom, where to purchase, or anything else. I recommend reading the Chaga Mushroom Book Guide written by Jason Hanson, MD.

I don’t claim to be a medical expert. However, I see nothing wrong with seeking out for natural medicine, being your own doctor and looking after your own health. My only job is to take care of myself and to raise awareness. The question I ask is, why is the current medical system not recommending chaga mushroom to the world?

You can purchase the book here:

Websites to purchase chaga mushroom. You can claim a 10% discount at Natural Chaga if you apply the offer code GEORGE10. The link is below:

You can also purchase chaga from Na’vi Organics with 10% off as long as you register before making a purchase using this link:

(1) Wild, Raw & Organic Health Promoting Foods, Supplements & Superfoods – Na’vi Organics


Why is society so ill?

One of the most important topics and issues today is the health of society. I have talked to many people from all different walks of life and most think that we, as a society, have never been healthier. On the contrary, we have never been sicker. If we look at the statistics of diseases, an average of 17 million new cases of cancer world-wide in 2018, cardiovascular disease claiming nearly 18 million lives on average every year, an estimated 463 million people in 2019 having diabetes with 4 million deaths worldwide in 2017, Alzheimer’s being the UK’s leading cause of death in 2019, and the list continues. I fully understand that the size of our population makes a difference to these statistics, however, it still quite clearly shows our society is far from healthy. The questions that society should ask; what on earth is the current medical system doing and is it their primary objective to help the sick or is just a business? We must ask these questions because the death rates are increasing, and they never seem to find a cure for these diseases. Do they even want to? Always “almost there.” From where I’m standing it looks like they profit from sickness and I cannot see a multi trillion-dollar industry trying to put itself out of business.

We must stop kidding ourselves and allowing this to continue. It’s obvious to see the current medical system is taking advantage of a very vulnerable society. Although, we shouldn’t put the whole blame on the medical system because ultimately our health is our responsibility. We must stop wanting it both ways. Society has the worst eating habits along with smoking cigarettes that have over 4,000 chemicals in it and the consumption of too much alcohol is not going to bring us good health. We should question why junk food, processed foods, cigarettes and alcohol are legal and when the damage is done we expect to go to the doctor for the ‘magic’ pill. Haven’t we got to stop doing this to ourselves? Society is killing themselves and we need to take back our power by accepting responsibility, start learning about health, to stop relying so heavily on the government, and the system we live in. We will never find health this way.

What is in our food and water and how can we heal our bodies?

So, the first thing we need to do is cut out the poison. We must stop the processed foods as they are not natural for our bodies. Most of the nutrients are dead and the chemicals in these foods cause serious health conditions. These foods are mass produced and you would not even recognise the machinery that is used to process that food. Look at the food that does not go off. Do you think it’s healthy? Look at the additives, the calories, sodium and sugar content in these foods. You increase your chances of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other serious health problems. You can get this information anywhere on the internet. Even doctors are saying this outright.

Your water supply is not clean either. I have a distiller and I cannot explain in words how filthy that water is coming out of our water supply after just a few cycles. Clean water is so important to our health and is a basic human right. I can recommend a link for a distiller at the end of this article. And what about the drinks they sell at the supermarkets? Fizzy and energy drinks contain so much sugar as well and should never be allowed in our food and drink. It’s pure poison and still legal but shouldn’t have been in the first place. We get sold the most unnatural food and drink and we pay for it. Is it any wonder that people get sick?

Fasting methods

Once we have our addictions under control, we can then learn how to fast for a certain period of time. There are many ways to fast and detox the body. It is the most powerful way to restore the body back to it’s natural good health but it takes a lot of work. Fasting gives the body a break from digesting all that food intake and instead that energy can be used for healing the body. We must cleanse our body and by doing so we repair damaged cells, purify the bloodstream, and clean out all of our organs. One example of fasting is a hard dry fast which is consuming no food and water– not even showering or washing your hands. This is the most powerful fast anyone can do and it will get your kidneys filtering out what your body doesn’t need – all that toxic waste. It is said that a 1-days hard dry fast is equivalent to a 3-day water fast. A soft dry fast is the same except you can shower and wash your hands with water. Dr Sergey Filonov has done some significant studies on dry fasting but I have found some of his work has been removed from the internet.

Water fasting is another good method and if it’s your first fast it’s a good place to start. You would need good drinking water and distilled or spring is ideal. It’s much easier to do than a dry fast and every time you feel hungry you can drink some water. You can also drink Irish sea moss tea with agave throughout your water fast and this certainly will boost your cleansing. Irish sea moss is a gift from god. If you research it, you will see the benefits. I will also do an article in the future about Irish sea moss. Iron based herbal teas or capsules will also be beneficial during a water fast. I will recommend certain books and links at the end of this article to guide you with fasting. I will also write another article with regards to healing with herbs as they are great for cleansing particular organs of the body, repairing cells, and purifying the blood.

Mono fruit fasts are very powerful too as the fruit will really get into those cells and cleanse them by breaking down the toxins. The best fruit for fasting are watermelons or juicing red seeded grapes. People can easily go on doing this kind of fast for a week. I will also recommend a great book at the end of this article for a grape juice fast and a company where you can buy bottled grape juice from red seeded grapes. If you can buy seeded grapes and juice them yourself then this is cheaper, but I have a hard time finding seeded grapes. Non-seeded grapes are a hybrid and not natural for our bodies.

You can also just do a juice fast with a mixture of fruits or vegetables too. These fasts are great, and you won’t be as hungry as you would on a water fast as those wonderful nutrients will go straight into your blood stream. These are powerful fasts and you would need a juicer or you could opt for something cheaper and purchase a nut milk bag to squeeze the juice out. (You can do this with the red seeded grapes too if you find some.) A great documentary to watch is Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead for some inspiration.

Another great option is a coconut water fast. It may be more enjoyable to fast with coconut water rather than just water as it obviously has more flavour and is sweeter. People can do this fast for weeks. It is so powerful as you will be taking in those beautiful electrolytes of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Coconut water is another gift from nature and is truly healing for your body. I absolutely love coconut water.

You might decide to try out an intermittent fast where you eat in a certain time slot every day, for example, between 9:00am to 5:00pm. You will be still giving your body a 16-hour a day break from food and it will be very healing. Be careful not to overeat, so spread your food out little and often throughout that window. Being so full is not good for your body as it has to break down that food even harder.

The choice is yours, but I always suggest whatever fast you decide to embark on, always go slow and increase slowly each time you want to do a fast. Maybe try one day on your first fast, then try two days two weeks later and then three days two weeks later. Your body will eventually get accustomed to it and will remember each fast you do. We don’t give enough credit to our bodies. They are powerful healing machines, and they need to be given the right fuel to perform the best for you. All these fasts have their benefits, so explore each one and see how your body cleanses itself with each fast, see how you feel at the end of them and what works best for you.

How can I learn more about fasting?

We have books to guide us, doctors that recommend fasting, and we can experiment safely too. So, I do stress to do your own research and listen to other people’s experiences who have done short-term and long-term fasting. As I say, you must go slow, start with short fasting and increase slowly with each fast. It’s important to reduce your food intake before you begin a fast and the same for when you break your fast. Eating too much too quickly may shock your body and this is where people can do serous damage to their organs.

I highly recommend learning and understanding the different processes the body goes through when you begin a fast, during it, and when you break it. Most importantly, you must listen to your body especially when fasting. It speaks to you and will tell you to break your fast if you need to so be safe. There are many reasons to fast and it’s not just a physical experience. Fasting is a mental, emotional and spiritual experience too. It is a battle with yourself and you will crave for foods that are unnatural for you. It will take a lot of will power and inner strength to beat food addictions when fasting. During your fast you must stay mentally strong, understand the process of what your body is going though, and the emotions that come up can be overwhelming. Some spiritual people believe the more uncomfortable your fast is, the more your inner demons will appear and cleansing your body is releasing them out of you enabling your connection to the spirit world/universe/god/father most high, so that you can receive the healing powers and bring it into your life.

Our bodies tell us when we are sick by creating symptoms. We must understand how disease is created in the body to eliminate it. A big part of this is understanding the lymphatic system in your body and Dr Robert Morse explains this best. It is your sewage system. If we get rid of the mucus or the muck in our body, we will prevent disease. I also highly recommend learning the works of Dr Sebi. He has found the most natural foods and herbals to consume that are natural for our bodies that work in perfect harmony with each other. I found his nutritional guide of an alkaline electric non-hybrid diet to be the most beneficial diet for me.


The links to articles, videos, and books are below. I hope you find the information beneficial and I wish you the very best of health on your journey.

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What is Reishi mushroom?

The Reishi mushroom is well known for its medicinal usage in the eastern world, such as China. It’s scientific name is Ling Zhi and has been used for over 2000 years by Chinese healers in the time of the Han dynasty and is more thought of as an “elixir of immortality.” It is even documented for its usage in the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, a Chinese book on agriculture and medicinal plants possibly written way back about 200 and 250 CE. It may have also been first used up to 4000 years ago.

This amazing mushroom improves our health in many ways such as boosting the immune system, helping cardiac function with heart disease and blood pressure, enhancing vital energy, improving memory and sleep, cognitive functions, helping with stress and has anti-aging effects. I must say that many people in society misunderstand the use of many of these mushrooms like Reishi by immediately assuming mushrooms gets you high. In some ways they have been demonised because the medical system do not want you to benefit from natures medicine and rather put you on their own ‘magic’ pill. It still amazes me that society has not figured out that the medical system is just a business that has no interest in keeping people healthy. If we were all healthy, they could not make money from us.

There is a cell wall component in most fungi known as the Beta-D-glucan and this is what boosts the immune system. It’s definitely something we all can use a little help with in this day and age as we are bombarded with poisons in our water supply, food and air. I always recommend anybody to do their own research and find out these things for themselves.

I also recommend purchasing a book written by Dr. John Richards called the Reishi Mushroom Book Guide. Reading this book will help you understand the many benefits that Ling Zhi has to offer. My job is just to simply bring it to people’s awareness so they can try these things out for themselves because I question why the medical system does not advise their customers the important benefits of this mushroom?

Other benefits of Reishi and how we can get the best out of it

You will learn that Reishi helps with allergy relief, it’s use as a histamine regulator, the benefits for the lungs, and even helps us in a spiritual way, healing our hearts, showing our life lessons and connecting us to our true purpose in life. There are probably endless benefits with this mushroom and it really is one of my favourites and nature always has the best medicine. It can also help with the flu, stomach upset, fatigue, depression, stabilise blood sugar levels, help with insomnia, inhibit tumour growths, and works as an anti-inflammatory. I will point out though, if you are on any blood-thinning medications I would not take Reishi at all as it may increase bleeding time.

However, all these ailments people suffer from really can be eliminated if you cut out the foods and drinks that cause the problems in the first place. It’s a no brainer but it does still baffles me somewhat that people won’t do this. Fizzy drinks, microwave meals and junk foods are full of chemicals with no nutrients and in the long run will hurt us. This is one of the reasons why we have so many diseases in our society. There is a reason why pharmaceutical companies exists and that’s to make money when we are sick.

Reishi does not have the best taste compared to other mushrooms as it is strong, but the health benefits are too good to miss. There are many ways to take Reishi and of course the most common is as a tea in powdered form. You can put it in smoothies, in soups or curries too. Many people do not eat these mushrooms cooked from fresh because it does have a strong taste, but you can if you wish. It’s the white textural part that is edible and not the yellow part. I purchase mine from Na’vi Organics, which is based in England and it comes in a powder dual extract form – extraction with water and alcohol. I put mine in quinoa or amaranth in the morning and eat it like a porridge with some baby or burro bananas, some raspberries and a little bit of grounded cinnamon. That is a potent breakfast full of nutrients and a great way to start to the day. I also put some in a chickpea curry. This is just a few ideas, so be creative.

Each extraction has its own benefits. The triterpenes (non-water soluble compounds) are best extracted in alcohol. The polysaccharides (the long branching chain of complex sugars) are best extracted from water. This is how you get those all-important components. You can even learn how to grow them yourself and purchase a starter kit. If you are not growing it yourself it is best to buy these mushrooms from companies who have had them wild crafted because it would have been in its natural environment. However, if not then at least buy them organic. Purchasing Reishi already dual extracted saves you the time but learning how to go through the process yourself will help you to appreciate the benefits more.

The book does encourage to use Reishi with non-vegan dishes, however, for best health I recommended to follow Dr Sebi’s non-hybrid alkaline electric organic vegan diet. It’s the information about the Reishi mushroom that is most important in Dr. Richards book. You can purchase another book if you prefer and explore this wonderful mushroom in your own way.


You can purchase the books here:

You can purchase Reishi mushroom here with a 10% discount. Just make sure you register:

(1) Wild, Raw & Organic Health Promoting Foods, Supplements & Superfoods – Na’vi Organics



How to get the best out of your meditation time

Whilst being on our spiritual journey it is important to continue learning new ways to balance out and relax our mind, body, and spirit. It’s important to do many spiritual practices every day to remain healthy, such as meditation. There is no set time to practice meditation, but it is said that the best times are in the morning when you wake up so you can set the tone of your day. Some say the best time is 4:00am as the angle between the Earth and the Sun is 60 degrees and that being in a sitting position at these times will help balance the pituitary and pineal glands giving you maximum results.

When meditating it is important to think about your meditation posture and to sit correctly. I do not ever recommend meditating lying down unless you are specifically listening to something for when you go to sleep. One of the most common meditation positions in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions is the Vajra and crossed legged position that originates from ancient India, in which each foot is placed on the opposite thigh. If that is too uncomfortable then you can keep your right foot down on the floor and use the half Vajra position. If that’s still a little too uncomfortable then keep both feet on the floor. You can keep adjusting yourself and if you prefer you can sit on a meditation cushion or mat (you will see a link for a few at the end of this article). The main thing is to be comfortable otherwise constantly adjusting yourself whist in meditation can effect the energy in your body. If you are new to meditation you may find that your legs ache and you may get pins and needles or some form of uncomfortable physical sensations in your body. Don’t worry too much as your body will get used to it over time.

Then when you have found your most comfortable position make sure you keep your back, neck and head straight tucking your chin in just a little which will help straighten your back too. Make sure your chin doesn’t go too far down. It’s also surprising to know that during meditation is it is best not to completely shut your eyes. Just leave a tiny space open and both eyes pointing towards the floor where there is just enough light to come in so you don’t get sleepy.

Then you put the back of your right hand resting on the palm of your left hand, thumbs pointing up and touching to form a triangle. You can rest your hands against your body where ever you feel comfortable just by dropping them down. Some say to keep your tongue touching the top of your mouth as this can help one get less thirsty. All the details I have explained is the most traditional way to meditate but there is really no hard rules here. Just be relaxed as you can and try not to worry too much about it. You will find your own way as meditation is personal and it’s perfectly fine to meditate in different ways and at any time, or by following your intuition which is the hidden language of the soul. Allow your soul to speak to you. Communicating with your soul in this way takes practice.

meditation musicIf for any reason you cannot sit in the traditional way for meditating, then you can choose to purchase a meditation bench if you prefer, which can still enable you to have a straight back (I will leave a few links to purchase one at the end of the article). You can also sit in a non-reclining chair depending on what your needs are. I say non-reclining as it’s best to keep your back straight and upright, not in an angle. If you do decide to sit in a chair, if it’s possible keep both feet flat on the floor.

Meditation advice and recommendations

You may also find that when meditating your mind wonders off and you may feel frustrated that you are not getting the most out of your meditation time. This is perfectly normal. The more you relax and practice the more you will train your mind. This is one of the reasons to meditate. To remind yourself that your mind, body and soul can be calm once you are away from all the hustle and bustle in life. Treat this mediation space as your peace time.

As a beginner’s guide, I recommend listening to Awaken the World You Tube channel. Here is the introductory meditation guide:

(17) Samadhi – Guided Meditation Series – Intro – YouTube

Or even just meditating with some Tibetan chanting. This is the shorter version:

(17) Om Mani Padme Hum – Original Extended Version.wmv – YouTube

And this is beautiful too:

(17) Inner Peace Music 音楽 to Calm The Mind – YouTube

I have also had a soft spot for Ancient Navajo Music especially listening to the flute:

(17) Carlos Nakai: Earth Spirit – YouTube

You can also simply meditate to the sounds of nature:

(17) Nature Sounds Relaxation-Birds Singing-Sound of Water-Relaxing Soothing Meditation-Mindfulness – YouTube

When you are not meditating you can listen to uplifting spiritual music and just have it on at the background. For a long time now chart music in the mainstream has been very low vibrational and uninspiring. It actually knocks us out of sync with the Earth’s rhythm. To help you keep in tune and in sync with Mother Earth I highly recommend listening to the music of these artists as it is high vibrational and the words are so peaceful and calming to the spirit:

And these have so much positive energy in them:

(17) I Choose to Live in Love (Laxmi) – YouTube

(17) What’s Love Got To Do With It – Walk Off The Earth (Tina Turner Cover) – YouTube

You can purchase any one of these meditation cushions here:

You can purchase a meditation bench from here:

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What Is High Intensity Interval Training Or HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training is usually compared to Low Intensity Steady-State cardio (LISS) and is very similar in some ways, but they are certainly not the same. You may be familiar with HIIT being an incredible time-efficient and effective way to boost your metabolism, to lose weight, combined with great cardio and appropriate nutrition all in a short amount of time. The aim of HIIT is to replicate the activity of the hunter-gatherer tribes, the stop-start-stop pattern of movement as they hunted for food and travelled long distances both freely and carrying the weight of their catch on their return. (This is what they did in those times, however the diet I recommend for optimum health is a plant based alkaline diet which I discuss in another blog and is important to apply in your life.)

HIIT is different to regular cardio but you can achieve more productive results from it once you apply it to your routine. Regular cardio is typically known as LISS. LISS cardio is equivalent to getting on the treadmill, using the rowing machine or the elliptical trainer and working at a constant pace for a longer period of time, for example, 30 to 45 minutes up to an hour and is great for stamina/endurance. It’s not full-on training but it’s undertaken at a good but steady pace if you don’t want to be too out of breath and if you have more available time. It’s less pressure on the body and you should still be able to maintain a normal conversation using any cardio machine whilst still remaining a very effective training method. Both are beneficial depending on what routine you are looking for and what you want to achieve. They can be good for the improvement of cardiovascular fitness, VO2 increase and fat burning and it’s best to have both types of training in your life.

The trouble is these days, everyone feels they need more hours in the day to do the things they need to do, and if they are struggling with time then HIIT would probably be the better option as tremendous results can be achieved in just 20 to 30 minutes, but it is a more of a full-on programme from a physical output point of view. So, with HIIT as the workout progresses there are timed intervals; periods of low-intensity with bursts of high-intensity exercises with whichever machine is being used and this pattern is maintained throughout the session. In a LISS work-out, a constant pace is applied, for example, for about 45 minutes just cruising with no pressure or increase in intensity. There are many ways to set up work-out sessions in terms of the time, lengths of the intervals and which particular exercise. It can also even be applied to lifting weights or swimming, for example with swimming, 1 length fast, 1 length slow for 20 minutes. This can all be adapted to whatever suits the requirement and what is best for the individual once discussed with your personal instructor that I will recommend at the end of this blog.

An example of a HIIT routine could be running for a 1-minute-high intensity burst followed by a 2 minutes low intensity (jog or walk) on a treadmill. That is a 3-minute interval or 1 round and doing 5 sets would amount to a 15-minute work-out routine. You could also double the intervals, so 2-minutes run, 4-minute jog/walk and then you’ve got a 30-minute work-out. It all really depends on what your starting point and capabilities are and then you can work your way up from there.

Another method is to shorten the burst intervals doing a 15-seconds all out as hard as possible, then 45-seconds in recovery taking it easy, so instead of working on a 3 minute cycle, this is a 1 minute cycle. This is good for sprints or burpees as a really high intensity exercise. Another method is a 30 seconds workout and a 30 seconds rest over 24 minutes with 4 rounds of 6 exercises over a 4-week cycle, increasing the work by 5/10 seconds a week until the final week’s programme is 50 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. This is an example of a plan that can be constructed with the help of an instructor that can guide you throughout your sessions.

There are many types of cardiovascular work-out equipment, however if you are not going to the gym, equipment can be very expensive and can take up a lot of space in your home. This can be the case for many people but the amazing thing about a HIIT work-out is that you can still create work-outs without the use of any of the space-hogging expensive equipment by doing body weight workouts, and still getting the same beneficial results.

What bodyweight work-outs can you do?

One exercise is the tuck jump to plank tuck work-out which is a great intensive cardio move and is similar to a burpees routine. Although it’s without the push up, which some people may find difficult to begin with, so it would be easier using a knee tuck movement instead which is still beneficial. Adding the tuck jump still helps the cardiovascular exercise and is a great way to get your blood pumping.

The next exercise you could be doing is the Plyometric Jack Push Up as it’s great for an explosive upper body movement as these are very challenging. It is referred to as a jump training exercise using your muscles to produce power with strength and speed. If this movement is too challenging, then you could use a bench to begin with until you build up your strength. This is still beneficial because it offers both a lower and upper body plyometric movement and is a great way to start. This movement also allows you to use your core and again get your blood pumping for a great workout.

Another exercise that is great to use is the single leg deadlift hop. This is a super challenging balanced movement that uses the posterior chain and is great for targeting hamstrings and glutes working with body power and unilateral strength. This one requires quick movement but the benefits and results are so worth the effort. To make it easier, the exercise can be modified and the jump can be excluded, simply using a single leg deadlift to knee which can be demonstrated by an instructor. The abs also get a great workout in this routine and proven to produce great results overall.

Or you could really challenge yourself and do the plank skaters which are a lot of fun too. You will certainly know you are having a great work-out with this one! It works with many parts of the body such as shoulders, abs, quads and really gets the blood pumping, building core strength but keeping your hips still for maximum results. Again, if you prefer a bench for this work-out to begin with until you build up your strength, you can still get amazing results.

There are many other exercises you can do that are not as complex as these with your regular running on the spot, sit-ups, push ups and squat thrusts which all can be incorporated in one routine. If you really want to do the more complex exercises that I have described above, it really is important to have a one-to-one instructor to make sure your technique is correct for maximum results. Your instructor can also tweak these exercises to your level of ability to ensure constant progression and also calculate what intervals and sets are best for you with your current training level, even if it’s beginner.

Remember, using either LISS or HIIT both have their benefits depending on how much time you can devote to your sessions. HIIT can be great for you if you really want to lose weight and have less time and LISS can be great if you have more time but want to build your stamina and don’t want such an intense work-out. If you have weights, then the instructor that I recommend can also incorporate a weight-lifting routine using the HIIT or LISS training models I have described. There is no limit with these type of fitness programs.

The personal trainer that I recommend is called Elizabeth Hall and you can simply click on this link to contact her on her Facebook page – FitNation UK – Home (

Another thing to remember, health isn’t just about exercising or doing weights. Health, in definition, is the absence of disease combined with the feeling of physical and mental wellbeing, and fitness is how well your body performs in any given situation when required. Health in itself has many other aspects to it which I discuss on my website in various blogs. I cover a whole range that includes the mind, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health especially what we eat and drink. Please feel free to browse through my website and read the articles that include help with nutrition, mediation and fasting.

Here are a few links to purchase a Kettlebell:

Here are some links for an adjustable kettlebell so you can add and remove weights as you progress:

Here are some links for dumbells:

Here are a few links to purchase an Ab Roller Wheel:

Here are a few links to buy a flat weight bench:


Bushcraft survival skills is something I started learning in 2020. I learned some of the most amazing skills which I recommend we would all benefit from knowing. My belief is that everyone should possess these skills and that society needs to become more self-sufficient and nature is calling us towards that direction. A friend of mine bought Bushcraft to my attention and I started to investigate it further on You Tube, bought a Bushcraft book and even attended an introduction to Bushcraft course for a weekend. It was one the most amazing experiences of my life.

Being connected with mother nature is probably the best relationship I have and I am always in awe of her brilliance, her beauty and what she does for us. Sadly sometimes, this is forgotten. During this intro weekend I learnt how to make a fire, identify trees, forage, assemble a hammock and much more. There is nothing quite like laying in your hammock at night, listening to birds, rabbits, foxes, dears, touching the cold, and feeling this magnificent presence in a forest that is mother nature, for which there are no words to describe.

I went in the month of September and the nights were very bitter and cold, so make sure you stay warm and dry by buying the right equipment. I will leave links of where you can buy the relevant equipment at the end of this article.

The instructors that were leading the course were ex-military, so they have the best experience. Even though I am not an advocate of war, you have to listen to what they say if you want to learn and get the best out of it. They will recommend all the equipment that you need to buy.

The best equipment to use in Bushcraft is military. This is to ensure you are getting the most suitable equipment which carries out the function you need them to; whether that will be a decent and warm sleeping bag or the most appropriate Bushcraft knife that will be long-lasting.

There really might not be much you need to take on the course itself as they can potentially provide most of the equipment for you, but you will need to discuss this with the instructors beforehand. I was told to wait and complete the course first to learn what I need. However, you will definitely need to provide your own warm clothes, waterproofs, thermals, rucksack cover, walking boots, note-book and pencil, and water. Food may be provided for you but take something any way like tin food.

Just as an FYI, the basic Bushcraft tools and general equipment that you will eventually need to purchase will be something like this:

Black Mora Bushcraft Knife
Fire Steel
Sharpening Stone
Knife Strop
DD Hammock
Decent Sleeping Bag
Better Kip Mat/Sleeping Pad
First Aid Kit
Cook Set (one I was recommended was a Swedish Army Trangia or Billy Set)
Jetboil (will be handy if you would like one)
Water Filter Bottle
Candles/Night Light/Head Torch
10m Paracord or Nylon Cord
Camping Chair/Stool
Power Bank Charger

Anything else that you will need you will learn in time. I am a vegan so I purchase equipment that is either plant based or made with synthetic materials. I still try to buy cruelty free products when it comes to Bushcraft or camping equipment. Be extremely careful when using any of the tools, especially a Bushcraft knife as it is very easy to cut yourself when using a fire steel with it to light a fire or even just handling it. You will be taught the safest way to use these tools.

You will find foraging an amazing experience too if you have not done it before. You will learn the names of the different plants, such as goosefoots, blackberry leaf (make a tea and it’s good for sore throats, gums or mouth ulcers), sloe berries for your gin, pineapple mayweed (also to make a nice tea), dock leaf (good for stings and are also edible), and mushrooms like chicken of the woods if you are lucky. It all depends which country and area you are in.

You will also learn how to make a fire using the most appropriate wood. Beach, oak, chestnut and ash are great for firewood but sweet chestnut will spit out hot embers, so it is best to avoid. Alder wood is poor in heat and does not last.

The most important information I took away from the course was learning to identify the hemlock plant. I would not touch this or any other plants around it. The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates carried out his own execution by consuming a deadly potion of this plant. Now that I am able to identify hemlock, I can steer completely clear of it. Learning knowledge like this makes me extremely grateful.

I believe nature is pushing us to use our instincts and to be more self-sufficient. We rely heavily on the system we live in but if it ever were to collapse would we know what to do? Would we be prepared enough to survive and thrive in this situation, be able to find and grow food, would we know how? I think these skills are essential in life and should be passed on generation to generation if it is not going to be taught in schools. Learning to make a fire and creating a shelter should be a basic life skill and we all still have an opportunity to learn these things. It is not something the government is ever going to encourage us to do. If we research enough, we can find evidence of farming and agriculture systems going back thousands of years. They were completely self-sufficient and had the basic survival skills, but they did endure tough times. I have believed for a long time now that relying on others to provide our food and water supply is an extremely dangerous reality and it’s something I feel we all could be providing for ourselves. We only have to look how sick society is. The food that we are provided is not healthy. The soil has been poisoned with synthetic fertilisers, which in turn poisons our food, nature and humans.

We can place all that power back into our owns hands by taking control of our own food and water supply and learning self-sufficiency and survival skills. It might be something we need to prepare ourselves with one day.

The tools are all out there for us to learn.

A great Bushcraft book I was recommended is in the link below. It will include all the practical skills and knowledge essential for you to survive in the wilderness:

Bushcraft : HYPERLINK “” Mors L. Kochanski (author) : 9781772130072 : Blackwell’s

Introduction to Bushcraft course:
Wildcrafts – Essex Bushcraft School

Bushcraft tools and equipment: – The Home of Army Surplus

The Bushcraft Store – Bushcraft & Survival Kit at Great Prices

Water filter system:

Drinksafe-Systems Instant Purified Portable Water Micro Purification Filters