These times that we are living in are certainly surreal and we all need to find different ways to relax, unwind and balance out after a difficult day or if you haven’t been feeling your best for a while. There can be many burdens in life whether that be poor health, of financial hardship, a stressful job, a broken relationship, or the suffering of being in lockdown. Our lives can be so fast-paced and often we do not stop to breathe, take a break, or reflect on life to focus on ourselves a little. We can face many uphill battles, feel like a failure when we do not succeed, and being rejected by someone or something can be such a painful experience. We can often forget and neglect our own well-being and never make time to re-charge ourselves and the stresses of life can manifest into different and many symptoms. On top of this, people don’t know how to break these cycles or know the right ways to heal. They often self-medicate with alcohol, cigarettes and even use drugs or think that playing computer games or eating junk food is a good way to fill the void that needs healing. Most people in the world operate from their reptilian part of the brain and are in constant flight/fight creating even more stress in the body with constant negative thought patterns. When we stay in this part of the brain it is going to be extremely difficult to find the solutions to resolve these problems. However, there are many solutions and one I am going to discuss in this blog.

What is Shinrin-Yoku?

Shinrin-YokuIf you have not heard of it before, allow me to introduce you to Shinrin-Yoku. This term first emerged in Japan in the 1980s but has been practiced for thousands of years. The words “Shinrin-Yoku” translated into English is forest bathing and is one of, if not, the most therapeutic practices anyone can use to help balance and calm their mind, body and spirit. Take the time out for a relaxed walk through a forest, let yourself be open to mother nature and allow her to breathe her life into you. Allow yourself to feel that part of you returning home because I guarantee that you will literally feel a huge weight lifted of your shoulders. Give that weight to mother nature and in return she will give the blessings and healing that you need.

Scientists have proved that the frequency within you changes and increases especially in your brain as you start to re-connect yourself with nature. Let your stresses melt away, your depression fade, and allow the power surrounding forest boost your immune system. Every blood cell in your body will start healing and will be cleansed with the life force energy that is within all things. Let the magic of forest bathing improve your sleep, reduce blood pressure, raise your vibration, and balance every aspect of your being. Although mother nature is everywhere her presence in the forest truly is remarkable. There is nothing quite like the feeling of camping in the forest, collecting wood and making a fire. I have slept in a hammock deep in the forest and whilst looking up into the skies, hearing all kinds of animals around me but the presence of mother nature at that moment is colossal.

Do you feel a strong connection to mother nature?

I have a deep connection with mother nature and I am always in awe of her beauty and presence. She is everywhere and can heal us in the most profound ways and I find she is the most important relationship I have in my life. I have a deep respect and love for her that words cannot express. It’s not meant to be expressed in words, but it is meant to be felt in your mind, throughout your body, your heart, spirit, soul and every part of you. Being with nature is my natural medicine. There is no separation from nature as such but sadly most people in society do not realise, they have disassociated themselves from her. Without nature nothing can be born, created, sustained, can last or return to death. She is the cycle of everything, and I thank her everyday for the healings and blessings she has given me and to the world.

I am not saying nature can fix all of our problems, but we can work through them with her. It’s up to us to find the root causes of our illnesses and of our stresses as we are on a spiritual journey. They are our spiritual lessons and my website can give you the tools to help and guide you. Often to find the root causes of our stresses we can seek out a counsellor or therapist of some sort to help us get to these underlying issues. I can say with confidence that the main reason why people suffer or often feel their lives are out of control is because they do not consciously stop to realise, they are not connecting with nature properly. It’s a symbiotic relationship but sadly people can be completely out of sync with nature and that is why we can often look for things outside of ourselves for a quick fix, but we must realise our power lies within. Sometimes it can be a battle of consciousness as we can be heavily distracted from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and we forget that all our answers lie inside of us. Although nature is all around us as we perceive it, we can often think that the physical world is separate from us, but the truth is what we see outside of us really comes from inside of us. We are all creators wherever we are in the universe and whatever dimension we are in.

With the use of forest bathing (Shinrin-Yoku),  you are re-setting your mind, body and soul. You are remembering your connection to nature on a conscious level. It truly is like an awakening as you seek for more comfort, clarity, balance, power, vitality, and it is all freely given by nature to empower us once again. Feel at one with her presence and she will already know what you need to heal. Allow her to give you the answers to all your questions. She will guide and lead you to the next step of your spiritual journey.

Even just watching videos of Shinrin-Yoku can be very calming. Check out the short introduction video below and be sure to subscribe to the channel:

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