Why is society so ill?

One of the most important topics and issues today is the health of society. I have talked to many people from all different walks of life and most think that we, as a society, have never been healthier. On the contrary, we have never been sicker. If we look at the statistics of diseases, an average of 17 million new cases of cancer world-wide in 2018, cardiovascular disease claiming nearly 18 million lives on average every year, an estimated 463 million people in 2019 having diabetes with 4 million deaths worldwide in 2017, Alzheimer’s being the UK’s leading cause of death in 2019, and the list continues. I fully understand that the size of our population makes a difference to these statistics, however, it still quite clearly shows our society is far from healthy. The questions that society should ask; what on earth is the current medical system doing and is it their primary objective to help the sick or is just a business? We must ask these questions because the death rates are increasing, and they never seem to find a cure for these diseases. Do they even want to? Always “almost there.” From where I’m standing it looks like they profit from sickness and I cannot see a multi trillion-dollar industry trying to put itself out of business.

We must stop kidding ourselves and allowing this to continue. It’s obvious to see the current medical system is taking advantage of a very vulnerable society. Although, we shouldn’t put the whole blame on the medical system because ultimately our health is our responsibility. We must stop wanting it both ways. Society has the worst eating habits along with smoking cigarettes that have over 4,000 chemicals in it and the consumption of too much alcohol is not going to bring us good health. We should question why junk food, processed foods, cigarettes and alcohol are legal and when the damage is done we expect to go to the doctor for the ‘magic’ pill. Haven’t we got to stop doing this to ourselves? Society is killing themselves and we need to take back our power by accepting responsibility, start learning about health, to stop relying so heavily on the government, and the system we live in. We will never find health this way.

What is in our food and water and how can we heal our bodies?

So, the first thing we need to do is cut out the poison. We must stop the processed foods as they are not natural for our bodies. Most of the nutrients are dead and the chemicals in these foods cause serious health conditions. These foods are mass produced and you would not even recognise the machinery that is used to process that food. Look at the food that does not go off. Do you think it’s healthy? Look at the additives, the calories, sodium and sugar content in these foods. You increase your chances of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other serious health problems. You can get this information anywhere on the internet. Even doctors are saying this outright.

Your water supply is not clean either. I have a distiller and I cannot explain in words how filthy that water is coming out of our water supply after just a few cycles. Clean water is so important to our health and is a basic human right. I can recommend a link for a distiller at the end of this article. And what about the drinks they sell at the supermarkets? Fizzy and energy drinks contain so much sugar as well and should never be allowed in our food and drink. It’s pure poison and still legal but shouldn’t have been in the first place. We get sold the most unnatural food and drink and we pay for it. Is it any wonder that people get sick?

Fasting methods

Once we have our addictions under control, we can then learn how to fast for a certain period of time. There are many ways to fast and detox the body. It is the most powerful way to restore the body back to it’s natural good health but it takes a lot of work. Fasting gives the body a break from digesting all that food intake and instead that energy can be used for healing the body. We must cleanse our body and by doing so we repair damaged cells, purify the bloodstream, and clean out all of our organs. One example of fasting is a hard dry fast which is consuming no food and water– not even showering or washing your hands. This is the most powerful fast anyone can do and it will get your kidneys filtering out what your body doesn’t need – all that toxic waste. It is said that a 1-days hard dry fast is equivalent to a 3-day water fast. A soft dry fast is the same except you can shower and wash your hands with water. Dr Sergey Filonov has done some significant studies on dry fasting but I have found some of his work has been removed from the internet.

Water fasting is another good method and if it’s your first fast it’s a good place to start. You would need good drinking water and distilled or spring is ideal. It’s much easier to do than a dry fast and every time you feel hungry you can drink some water. You can also drink Irish sea moss tea with agave throughout your water fast and this certainly will boost your cleansing. Irish sea moss is a gift from god. If you research it, you will see the benefits. I will also do an article in the future about Irish sea moss. Iron based herbal teas or capsules will also be beneficial during a water fast. I will recommend certain books and links at the end of this article to guide you with fasting. I will also write another article with regards to healing with herbs as they are great for cleansing particular organs of the body, repairing cells, and purifying the blood.

Mono fruit fasts are very powerful too as the fruit will really get into those cells and cleanse them by breaking down the toxins. The best fruit for fasting are watermelons or juicing red seeded grapes. People can easily go on doing this kind of fast for a week. I will also recommend a great book at the end of this article for a grape juice fast and a company where you can buy bottled grape juice from red seeded grapes. If you can buy seeded grapes and juice them yourself then this is cheaper, but I have a hard time finding seeded grapes. Non-seeded grapes are a hybrid and not natural for our bodies.

You can also just do a juice fast with a mixture of fruits or vegetables too. These fasts are great, and you won’t be as hungry as you would on a water fast as those wonderful nutrients will go straight into your blood stream. These are powerful fasts and you would need a juicer or you could opt for something cheaper and purchase a nut milk bag to squeeze the juice out. (You can do this with the red seeded grapes too if you find some.) A great documentary to watch is Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead for some inspiration.

Another great option is a coconut water fast. It may be more enjoyable to fast with coconut water rather than just water as it obviously has more flavour and is sweeter. People can do this fast for weeks. It is so powerful as you will be taking in those beautiful electrolytes of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Coconut water is another gift from nature and is truly healing for your body. I absolutely love coconut water.

You might decide to try out an intermittent fast where you eat in a certain time slot every day, for example, between 9:00am to 5:00pm. You will be still giving your body a 16-hour a day break from food and it will be very healing. Be careful not to overeat, so spread your food out little and often throughout that window. Being so full is not good for your body as it has to break down that food even harder.

The choice is yours, but I always suggest whatever fast you decide to embark on, always go slow and increase slowly each time you want to do a fast. Maybe try one day on your first fast, then try two days two weeks later and then three days two weeks later. Your body will eventually get accustomed to it and will remember each fast you do. We don’t give enough credit to our bodies. They are powerful healing machines, and they need to be given the right fuel to perform the best for you. All these fasts have their benefits, so explore each one and see how your body cleanses itself with each fast, see how you feel at the end of them and what works best for you.

How can I learn more about fasting?

We have books to guide us, doctors that recommend fasting, and we can experiment safely too. So, I do stress to do your own research and listen to other people’s experiences who have done short-term and long-term fasting. As I say, you must go slow, start with short fasting and increase slowly with each fast. It’s important to reduce your food intake before you begin a fast and the same for when you break your fast. Eating too much too quickly may shock your body and this is where people can do serous damage to their organs.

I highly recommend learning and understanding the different processes the body goes through when you begin a fast, during it, and when you break it. Most importantly, you must listen to your body especially when fasting. It speaks to you and will tell you to break your fast if you need to so be safe. There are many reasons to fast and it’s not just a physical experience. Fasting is a mental, emotional and spiritual experience too. It is a battle with yourself and you will crave for foods that are unnatural for you. It will take a lot of will power and inner strength to beat food addictions when fasting. During your fast you must stay mentally strong, understand the process of what your body is going though, and the emotions that come up can be overwhelming. Some spiritual people believe the more uncomfortable your fast is, the more your inner demons will appear and cleansing your body is releasing them out of you enabling your connection to the spirit world/universe/god/father most high, so that you can receive the healing powers and bring it into your life.

Our bodies tell us when we are sick by creating symptoms. We must understand how disease is created in the body to eliminate it. A big part of this is understanding the lymphatic system in your body and Dr Robert Morse explains this best. It is your sewage system. If we get rid of the mucus or the muck in our body, we will prevent disease. I also highly recommend learning the works of Dr Sebi. He has found the most natural foods and herbals to consume that are natural for our bodies that work in perfect harmony with each other. I found his nutritional guide of an alkaline electric non-hybrid diet to be the most beneficial diet for me.


The links to articles, videos, and books are below. I hope you find the information beneficial and I wish you the very best of health on your journey.

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