What is Reishi mushroom?

The Reishi mushroom is well known for its medicinal usage in the eastern world, such as China. It’s scientific name is Ling Zhi and has been used for over 2000 years by Chinese healers in the time of the Han dynasty and is more thought of as an “elixir of immortality.” It is even documented for its usage in the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, a Chinese book on agriculture and medicinal plants possibly written way back about 200 and 250 CE. It may have also been first used up to 4000 years ago.

This amazing mushroom improves our health in many ways such as boosting the immune system, helping cardiac function with heart disease and blood pressure, enhancing vital energy, improving memory and sleep, cognitive functions, helping with stress and has anti-aging effects. I must say that many people in society misunderstand the use of many of these mushrooms like Reishi by immediately assuming mushrooms gets you high. In some ways they have been demonised because the medical system do not want you to benefit from natures medicine and rather put you on their own ‘magic’ pill. It still amazes me that society has not figured out that the medical system is just a business that has no interest in keeping people healthy. If we were all healthy, they could not make money from us.

There is a cell wall component in most fungi known as the Beta-D-glucan and this is what boosts the immune system. It’s definitely something we all can use a little help with in this day and age as we are bombarded with poisons in our water supply, food and air. I always recommend anybody to do their own research and find out these things for themselves.

I also recommend purchasing a book written by Dr. John Richards called the Reishi Mushroom Book Guide. Reading this book will help you understand the many benefits that Ling Zhi has to offer. My job is just to simply bring it to people’s awareness so they can try these things out for themselves because I question why the medical system does not advise their customers the important benefits of this mushroom?

Other benefits of Reishi and how we can get the best out of it

You will learn that Reishi helps with allergy relief, it’s use as a histamine regulator, the benefits for the lungs, and even helps us in a spiritual way, healing our hearts, showing our life lessons and connecting us to our true purpose in life. There are probably endless benefits with this mushroom and it really is one of my favourites and nature always has the best medicine. It can also help with the flu, stomach upset, fatigue, depression, stabilise blood sugar levels, help with insomnia, inhibit tumour growths, and works as an anti-inflammatory. I will point out though, if you are on any blood-thinning medications I would not take Reishi at all as it may increase bleeding time.

However, all these ailments people suffer from really can be eliminated if you cut out the foods and drinks that cause the problems in the first place. It’s a no brainer but it does still baffles me somewhat that people won’t do this. Fizzy drinks, microwave meals and junk foods are full of chemicals with no nutrients and in the long run will hurt us. This is one of the reasons why we have so many diseases in our society. There is a reason why pharmaceutical companies exists and that’s to make money when we are sick.

Reishi does not have the best taste compared to other mushrooms as it is strong, but the health benefits are too good to miss. There are many ways to take Reishi and of course the most common is as a tea in powdered form. You can put it in smoothies, in soups or curries too. Many people do not eat these mushrooms cooked from fresh because it does have a strong taste, but you can if you wish. It’s the white textural part that is edible and not the yellow part. I purchase mine from Na’vi Organics, which is based in England and it comes in a powder dual extract form – extraction with water and alcohol. I put mine in quinoa or amaranth in the morning and eat it like a porridge with some baby or burro bananas, some raspberries and a little bit of grounded cinnamon. That is a potent breakfast full of nutrients and a great way to start to the day. I also put some in a chickpea curry. This is just a few ideas, so be creative.

Each extraction has its own benefits. The triterpenes (non-water soluble compounds) are best extracted in alcohol. The polysaccharides (the long branching chain of complex sugars) are best extracted from water. This is how you get those all-important components. You can even learn how to grow them yourself and purchase a starter kit. If you are not growing it yourself it is best to buy these mushrooms from companies who have had them wild crafted because it would have been in its natural environment. However, if not then at least buy them organic. Purchasing Reishi already dual extracted saves you the time but learning how to go through the process yourself will help you to appreciate the benefits more.

The book does encourage to use Reishi with non-vegan dishes, however, for best health I recommended to follow Dr Sebi’s non-hybrid alkaline electric organic vegan diet. It’s the information about the Reishi mushroom that is most important in Dr. Richards book. You can purchase another book if you prefer and explore this wonderful mushroom in your own way.


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How to get the best out of your meditation time

Whilst being on our spiritual journey it is important to continue learning new ways to balance out and relax our mind, body, and spirit. It’s important to do many spiritual practices every day to remain healthy, such as meditation. There is no set time to practice meditation, but it is said that the best times are in the morning when you wake up so you can set the tone of your day. Some say the best time is 4:00am as the angle between the Earth and the Sun is 60 degrees and that being in a sitting position at these times will help balance the pituitary and pineal glands giving you maximum results.

When meditating it is important to think about your meditation posture and to sit correctly. I do not ever recommend meditating lying down unless you are specifically listening to something for when you go to sleep. One of the most common meditation positions in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions is the Vajra and crossed legged position that originates from ancient India, in which each foot is placed on the opposite thigh. If that is too uncomfortable then you can keep your right foot down on the floor and use the half Vajra position. If that’s still a little too uncomfortable then keep both feet on the floor. You can keep adjusting yourself and if you prefer you can sit on a meditation cushion or mat (you will see a link for a few at the end of this article). The main thing is to be comfortable otherwise constantly adjusting yourself whist in meditation can effect the energy in your body. If you are new to meditation you may find that your legs ache and you may get pins and needles or some form of uncomfortable physical sensations in your body. Don’t worry too much as your body will get used to it over time.

Then when you have found your most comfortable position make sure you keep your back, neck and head straight tucking your chin in just a little which will help straighten your back too. Make sure your chin doesn’t go too far down. It’s also surprising to know that during meditation is it is best not to completely shut your eyes. Just leave a tiny space open and both eyes pointing towards the floor where there is just enough light to come in so you don’t get sleepy.

Then you put the back of your right hand resting on the palm of your left hand, thumbs pointing up and touching to form a triangle. You can rest your hands against your body where ever you feel comfortable just by dropping them down. Some say to keep your tongue touching the top of your mouth as this can help one get less thirsty. All the details I have explained is the most traditional way to meditate but there is really no hard rules here. Just be relaxed as you can and try not to worry too much about it. You will find your own way as meditation is personal and it’s perfectly fine to meditate in different ways and at any time, or by following your intuition which is the hidden language of the soul. Allow your soul to speak to you. Communicating with your soul in this way takes practice.

meditation musicIf for any reason you cannot sit in the traditional way for meditating, then you can choose to purchase a meditation bench if you prefer, which can still enable you to have a straight back (I will leave a few links to purchase one at the end of the article). You can also sit in a non-reclining chair depending on what your needs are. I say non-reclining as it’s best to keep your back straight and upright, not in an angle. If you do decide to sit in a chair, if it’s possible keep both feet flat on the floor.

Meditation advice and recommendations

You may also find that when meditating your mind wonders off and you may feel frustrated that you are not getting the most out of your meditation time. This is perfectly normal. The more you relax and practice the more you will train your mind. This is one of the reasons to meditate. To remind yourself that your mind, body and soul can be calm once you are away from all the hustle and bustle in life. Treat this mediation space as your peace time.

As a beginner’s guide, I recommend listening to Awaken the World You Tube channel. Here is the introductory meditation guide:

(17) Samadhi – Guided Meditation Series – Intro – YouTube

Or even just meditating with some Tibetan chanting. This is the shorter version:

(17) Om Mani Padme Hum – Original Extended Version.wmv – YouTube

And this is beautiful too:

(17) Inner Peace Music 音楽 to Calm The Mind – YouTube

I have also had a soft spot for Ancient Navajo Music especially listening to the flute:

(17) Carlos Nakai: Earth Spirit – YouTube

You can also simply meditate to the sounds of nature:

(17) Nature Sounds Relaxation-Birds Singing-Sound of Water-Relaxing Soothing Meditation-Mindfulness – YouTube

When you are not meditating you can listen to uplifting spiritual music and just have it on at the background. For a long time now chart music in the mainstream has been very low vibrational and uninspiring. It actually knocks us out of sync with the Earth’s rhythm. To help you keep in tune and in sync with Mother Earth I highly recommend listening to the music of these artists as it is high vibrational and the words are so peaceful and calming to the spirit:

And these have so much positive energy in them:

(17) I Choose to Live in Love (Laxmi) – YouTube

(17) What’s Love Got To Do With It – Walk Off The Earth (Tina Turner Cover) – YouTube

You can purchase any one of these meditation cushions here:

You can purchase a meditation bench from here:

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